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The Invisible Scapegoat

Two gay men's lives collide in a post-pandemic tyranny in Dylan Costello's brand new fiction novel
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dylan's Story

Born in Essex, bred in London and buttered just about everywhere else, Dylan's journey into writing began with a GCSE project when he was fourteen years old. Tasked with creating a soap opera script, he set his in a caravan park in Dorset. As you do. But his love for prose was born and years later, bolstered by the bonkers experiences from years spent travelling the globe, he decided to transcribe these adventures into words. He became a successful playwright, with his plays including Secret BoulevardThe Glass Protege and Hello, Norma Jeane performed in the UK and the USA.

in 2015, he turned his hand to novel writing and released his memoir Gay'd in Dagenham, about growing up gay in Essex throughout the 1970s,80s,90s and beyond. In 2018, he released his debut fiction novel The Timeless Father, followed by The Invisible Scapegoat in 2020. He is currently working on his third fiction novel, an unconventional love story entitled The Goddess in the Headlights.

He is proud to be a gay dad, is a passionate advocate of LGBT rights and lives with his Italian partner in West London.

dylan's Books
The Invisible Scapegoat

They said the insanity would pass.


They said it couldn’t happen here.


They were wrong.


Six years after a deadly global pandemic has decimated the world, Europe finds itself in the merciless grip of a ruthless tyrant, who seized a ruined continent and remade it to the rules of his own terrifying idealogy.


After having his existence as a gay man criminalised, Hugo flees from his home country to the last liberal bastion of Spain - but escaping the horror of tyranny is not as simple as he had imagined.


For when Hugo’s new life in Andalucia collides with that of local resident Rory, these two different men with starkly divergent experiences of life as gay men find their destinies irrevocably intertwined, as they are caught in the cyclical battle between love and hate.

The Timeless Father

Brighton, England, 1937.


A devastated father walks into the sea.


His parenthood nullified because of his homosexuality.


Brighton, 2020.


A lost daughter nears the end of her life.


Condemned to an invisible loneliness on the streets.


A bond between parent and child shattered and torn apart by eight decades.


But when the impossible becomes possible, one man will travel far to repair the love lost in the name of bigotry.


Even through time itself.


Especially when the fate of the world depends on that unconditional love between father and daughter.

Gay'd in Dagenham

The hilarious, sometimes sad but always heartfelt true story of a boy from Dagenham who was born gay.


Whose destiny from the moment he entered this world was to eventually realise his true sexuality.


That he was a boy's boy who would grow into being a man's man and would thus have to find a way to throw off the shackles of his blue-collar suburban Essex home town and propel his life forward, evolving as a gay man.


From having those first strange feelings in infancy towards another boy, on through childhood crushes, awkward teenage unrequited love and the dates and relationships of adulthood.


Dealing with the frustration of destiny as he came to terms with the homosexual experience, as he chased his dream of same sex love, .


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